Twitter Marketing

Let more people follow you on Twitter

There are several reasons for which a profile on Twitter has created, some are lead generation, customer service, brand building and SEO etc. doing marking via twitter is now a smart choice. It is a platform where your profile can host and engage business communities, people who are interested in your products and services. It has been proved, social networking is the great platform for promoting business online. No matter what is the nature of your business, we have plans for all type of business to give you productive solutions to business.

We create professional Twitter marketing campaigns to attract as well as connect potential buyers. Twitter advertising management, brand monitoring and developing marketing campaign are the part of our services.

Our Strategy:

Twitter is really a powerful platform which can help you generate business leads, just need to do it effectively by using latest tools and techniques. Our strategy includes management and marketing of your Twitter account.

We will set up an account for you

  • Tweets on a regular basis
  • Regularly post the news and offers on Twitter
  • Making account interactive by regular interaction with people on Twitter (answering questions related to the industry)
  • Tweets interesting updates that catch the attention of the audience
  • Regular notifications of events
  • Regular updates of companies innovations, achievements etc.
  • Automatic updates on your profiles
  • We connect your website, Facebook, forum, blog and other marketing channels with your Twitter account
  • For more productive results we use the third party Twitter tools
  • Our team of experts will continuously work on increasing followers and get more conversations.
  • We generate Twitter Analytics & Reporting
  • Customized Geo Local Marketing

Our Facebook marketing services includes:

Having the experience of working with different clients we know how to maximum the potential of Facebook. Our team will work on your profile we plan the campaigns according to the need of your brand.

Facebook page management:

  • We create your Facebook fan page:
  • Posting your log and pictures
  • Regular updates
  • Posting outgoing links and offers
  • Publishing blog feeds and tweets in real time
  • Full interaction with customers

Facebook Ads Management:

  • We create unique advertising campaigns
  • We run and monitor them.
  • Facebook Widgets and applications are developed so that fans can share and promote.
  • Creating communities and groups
  • Highlighting your news, events on page
  • Posting relevant details on page
  • Making page interactive with regular interaction
  • Uploading the business related videos on various media channels.
  • Initiatives to push your fans comment and share
  • Link the page with the popular social networking sites.
  • Recommendations through result reports

We analysis, plan and strategically do the Facebook promotions for your brand. We have experienced team which is continuously monitoring the updates of social media.

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